21 Inch Acoustic Ukulele Solid Mahogany Soprano Guitar Mini Hawaiian Guitar 4 Strings Ukelele Rosewood Fretboard with Gig Bag Sand Shaker Maraca Ring Guitar Picks Plectrums

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The mini ukulele is designed in the size of 21 inch, which is perfect for younger children to develop their musical aptitude and interests, and it's also ieal for beginners and amateurs. It is exquisitely handmade which features solid solid mahogany wood back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge to ensure high durability, loud and clear sound as well as classic elegant appearance. The instrument will fit well in the attached gig bag for easy carrying.

- Color: Brown
- Size: 21 inch
- Type: Soprano ukulele
- Body Material: Mahogany
- Neck Material: Okoume plywood
- Bridge Material: Rosewood
- Fretboard Material: Rosewood
- Nut and Saddle Material: Plastic
- Fret Material: Cupronickel
- Strings: Aquila
- Machine Head: Die-Cast
- Top scale solid mahogany bdy with fine varnishing finish, smooth to touch and wear-resistant.
- 21 inch sized soprano style ukulele, perfect for beginners, the attached gig bag makes it easy to carry.
- Thanks to the solid mahogany back and sides, the ukulele brings richer and brighter sound.
- Rosewood fretboard and bridge provides a comfortable playing feel and embodies classic and elegant style.
- Sturdy and neat aquila strings ensures nice sound and great durability.
- The set also comes wiht sand shaker maraca ring and guitar picks. Great gift for for ukulele beginners and stringed instrument music lovers.


- Color: Brown
- Size: 24 inch
- Main Material: Acacia
- Side and Surface Material: Acacia
- Neck Material: Mahogany
- Bridge Material: Rosewood
- Fretboard Material: Rosewood
- Nut and Saddle Material: Ox bone
- Machine Head:Die-Cast
- Fret Material: Cupronickel